The Mooney Lab

The University of Edinburgh

Jason Mooney




My experience with mouse, macaque and human malaria infections is a unique combination. Since 2009, I have been researching invasive bacterial disease and malaria.
For my PhD, I helped develop new research using animals to unpick the relationship between malaria and non-Typhoidal Salmonella. I sought to translate my work to humans and, in 2015, began a postdoc with Eleanor Riley at LSHTM. 
 At LSHTM, I broadened my skillset working on natural killer cells during influenza infection. In addition, I co-wrote a grant on subclinical malaria infection in mice and humans. Moving to Edinburgh in 2017, I was given day-to-day responsibility for the lab. I delivered the UK and MRC Gambia components of the project. 

In 2020, I moved to the School of Biological sciences as a core scientist, continuing my research in  malaria. In 2022, I became a 'Research & Teaching Fellow', helping to deliver more teaching to 4th year undergraduate students. In 2023, I became a 'Lecturer in Immunology'.
2018 - Riley Lab, Roslin Institute
2018 - Basse Santa Su, The Gambia
2019 - Riley Lab, Roslin Institute

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