The Mooney Lab

The University of Edinburgh


Established 2023:
The Mooney lab is live!

However, this website is a work in progress. In time, I hope this space can provide you with more updated information about what we are doing in the lab. Many pages are not be fully populated.

Research Summary:
"My primary interest is in invasive bacterial infections – how they overcome the innate physical and immunological barriers at mucosal surfaces to invade the tissues and then how they evade systemic immune responses to establish a niche for replication. My current work focuses on malaria co-infection as a risk factor for invasive bacterial disease, specifically the role of coinfection in loss of intestinal integrity and disruption of neutrophil-mediated containment of Salmonella. This research has led to work in animal models and clinical cohorts (UK and The Gambia). " -JM


Malaria in the Intestine

-intestinal inflammation during malaria-

Neutrophil Functional Atlas

-mapping neutrophil function-

Invasive Bacterial Disease

Malaria & Salmonella co-infection


Jason Mooney, PhD

Academic Department

Institute for Immunology and Infection Research


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