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Postdoctoral Fellows: 

The Mooney Lab is always looking for interested postdoctoral fellows seeking to research innate immunity and host-pathogen interactions. Contact Dr. Mooney if you are interested in joining the lab.

Graduate Students:
Let's be honest, PhD students are the backbone of scientific discovery! However, the PhD is a time of training and learning. If you're ready to have a kick ass time doing cool science in a supportive environment, let's have a chat. Note: most PhD studentships here at Edinburgh are run through different funding programs, with links below.

Interested in a Masters in Science by Research (MScR)? The Mooney lab can host a MScR student in Infectious Diseases, administered by Biomedical Sciences. This is a 1 year, full-time degree program typically running from September to August. After entry into the program, the MScR student can choose from a wide selection of research projects. If you're interested in the Mooney Lab, be sure to contact Dr. Mooney to ask what programs might be on offer.

Find more information here regarding:

PhD Studentships:
MSc Programs:

Undergraduate Researchers:

Typically, the lab will take 1-2 honours students during the spring semester (January to April).  Students come from either Immunology or BioMed. These process of selection is driven by their respective organisation.

Want to gain some limited experience? In some cases, we can offer to host undergraduate interns in the lab. This is aimed at 2nd and 3rd year students who want to gain more confidence in a laboratory environment. Please contact Dr. Mooney promptly if you are interested, as time and space can be limited.

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